The Eastern Caribbean Forecast valid up to 8am Friday 24th March 2017.

Wx: A frontal trough bringing deep moisture and instability to the Northern Caribbean will heighten the chance of showers under mostly cloudy to overcast skies across Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands today and tonight. Showers will become thundery and heavy at times over the islands. Meanwhile, some weak instability combined with shallow moisture will increase the chance of some brief cloudy spells and brief passing showers across the Leeward Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The rest of the Eastern Caribbean from the Windward Islands south to Trinidad and Tobago will see little shower activity under partly cloudy skies as high pressure along with a dry and stable airmass continue to dominate.

Winds: NE at 03-07kts/(6-13 km/h) across Hispaniola and ESE-SE at 07-15kts/(13-28 km/h) across Puerto Rico east to the Leeward Islands. Elsewhere across the Windward Islands south to Trinidad and Tobago, E at 10-18kts/(19-33 km/h)..

Seas: Moderate, waves/swells 1.5-1.8m or 5-6ft. Small craft operators should exercise caution..

Atmospheric Pressure: Normal..


Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
Lorne Salmon-Forecaster

Forecast issued at 5:58 AM,UTC on 23/03/2017